Meet Storyflight

Are you looking to strengthen your business brand and create meaningful connections with your customers? Should your story be up in lights, but need some help getting it there?

At Storyflight, we are experts in communication, helping businesses create conversations and connections with the people who matter.

We believe that big-picture thinking is powerful when combined with detailed execution. We believe that strategy can work in harmony with instinct and intuition.

And we believe that your story, told well, is what sets you apart.

If you need your brand to be clear and compelling, whether it’s online or on paper, we’d love to talk about how we can help.

Who is Storyflight?

Storyflight is the creative partnership between Bec Fitzpatrick and Jen York. We live in Brisbane and work with businesses all over Australia to help them tell their story well.

Our story began when we worked together as environmental communicators, talking to children holding pythons and possums in our arms. Our professional journeys were mirrored as we each spent more than ten years working as communications specialists. In 2016, we founded Storyflight to provide on-call communication support to small businesses, not-for-profits and organisations. 

Jen York | The strategist


I help businesses use digital communication to solve problems and maximise opportunities. I love designing strategies that help build a rich and consistent brand story. With a big picture view, there’s so much potential to grow reputation and trust, as well as SEO and conversion. 

I’ve managed many communications projects and budgets, writing and editing countless newsletters, brochures, signs and press releases. In 2017, I completed a Master of Communication, focusing on digital media and public relations. I also hold a Bachelor of Environmental Management and Diploma of Business.

I’m drawn to the pace, innovation and determination of small organisations. Learning about what they do, and why, inspires me. I love helping people build a reputation that reflects their hard work.  

Bec Fitzpatrick | The writer

I love discovering the people and stories behind an organisation. Learning what drives people and helping them make an impact is what motivates me out of bed. Besides coffee.

A perfectionist at heart, I’m also creative and curious about how things work and how we can do better.

When I write, I get to explore that dynamic space where communication meets psychology. This is the place where it hums. Because I truly believe people are capable of creating extraordinary impact and change.

Over the years, I’ve written copy, brand and engagement strategies for government, not-for-profit, allied health and wellness services, fashion, retail and lifestyle brands, construction and other trades and professional service providers. 

I continue to be inspired by people and organisations doing more good, socially and environmentally.