Public relations

Pitch the right story to the right people

Sometimes a little bit of love from the media can go a long way. 

A relevant, interesting story in traditional or digital media can introduce your brand to new supporters. Even better, the right story can help you build credibility and trust, forming a lasting foundation for a strong reputation. 

If you’ve got insights or successes to share, we can help you reach the people who matter. 

How we help

You want to invest in PR wisely so that it’s relevant to your business goals.

At Storyflight, we start with a down-to-earth discussion and practical strategy. Our targeted approach to PR is based on a real understanding of your business, your audience and your goals.

From here, our knack for what’s newsworthy helps get your story published. You’ll find that we’re pretty good at finding the sweet spot, where the interests of the target audience, target media and your key messages overlap.

We help with PR for both one-off and ongoing relationship building. Our ongoing PR services help you build your profile over time, telling a rich, layered story.

What you’ll get

When you work with Storyflight, you work with Jen, who is qualified in public relations and has over 15 years’ experience in strategic communication. Her PR approach is specific and considered, to make a meaningful impact on your business.

1: Set the goals

We learn about your business, your goals, and your customers and community. We’ll provide you with some clear advice about how PR can help you tell your story.  

2: Craft the stories

We investigate story opportunities, examining what’s going on in the media and in your business. We identify your key messages and weave these into the story.

3: Target the right media

We shortlist specific traditional and online media outlets and journalists, who offer the best opportunity to tell your story to the right people.

4: Polish the pitch

We’ll identify possible story angles and pitch these to the media with an accompanying press release.

5: Follow up

We’ll follow up and liaise with writers to help organise interviews and any other support requested.