Brand building

Build rapport and increase your influence

A strong brand identity helps your organisation connect with its target audience, inspiring trust and loyalty. Your brand guides all of your communication, so that everything you do fits together to layer and reinforce your messages.

Relevant, interesting stories can enhance your brand or introduce it to new supporters. The right story can also help you build awareness and credibility, forming a lasting foundation for a strong reputation.

How we help

At Storyflight, we take the time to learn about your business, your clients, the problems and the opportunities. We work with you to define your communication objectives and understand how they support your broader organisational goals.

With this deep understanding, we ensure that your brand develops in a planned, proactive way. We strategically consider where, when, why and how to share your brand’s key messages to support your purpose and goals.

Our knack for what’s newsworthy, interesting or relevant can help you discover the stories that should be shared. And if you’re looking for a little love from the media, you’ll find that we’re pretty good at finding the sweet spot where the interests of the target audience, target media and your key messages overlap.

We work on:

  • Brand identity, including the development of names and taglines

  • Brand strategy, including brand handbooks, content strategy and story discovery

  • Social media strategy and profile writing

  • Press releases and distribution

  • Nurturing email sequences.

Our approach helps you invest wisely in communication and public relations to build your brand’s profile over time.