How often do you research a product or service before purchasing?


Personally, I almost always put Google to work before I part with my hard-earned cash. And when a product or service looks good online I can buy with confidence, knowing that I’m getting the best value for my money.

If you’re a business owner, your website should be working for you around the clock. A clear, compelling and consistent online presence will do most of the selling for you. All that remains is for you to deliver what your website promises.

Your website is a valuable business investment, so it’s important that you examine its performance regularly, just as you would for any of your team members.

Remember, your potential customers visit a website to find out, at the very least:

  • What is this business selling? What makes their product or service special?

  • Are they experts in what they do? Will I get value for money?

  • Am I the type of person who normally buys their product or service? Do they understand what I need?

  • Can I trust them? Will they deliver what they promise?

  • Will this business be around for a long time? Can I get help in the future if I need it?


improve your online presence

If you’re confident you’ve covered all these bases for your business, you might be ready to dig a little deeper and make your website work even harder. Think about:

  • Who are my customers now? Who would I like my customers to be in two years’ time? Is my website appealing to these people?

  • How can I create an ongoing relationship with visitors to my website?  Could I ask for their email address?

  • Do I have extra knowledge or information that I could share to create greater value for my customer? Could I enhance my website with more technical expertise? Could I write a blog, a guide or an e-book?

  • Is my website in sync with my social media pages? Could I encourage people to tell their friends about what I do?

  • Is my online shop converting sales effectively? Is it easy for shoppers to navigate? Do the product descriptions make customers feel good about the purchase?

  • What is my purpose, my reason for doing what I do? Should I be sharing more of my vision with potential customers?

If your website could do more to showcase and support your business, then it’s important to start by covering the basics and meeting the expectations of visitors to your site. And if you’ve got the essentials covered, then it might to be time to embrace opportunities to really make your brand resonate.


Jen York