Brand identity

Define the soul of your business

Is your business engaging with the people that matter? Are your messages and values having an impact or leaving people feeling overwhelmed? 

Defining your brand identity helps create real connections with your target audience. It guides your communication efforts, so that everything you do fits together to layer and reinforce your story. And when you have a clear road map to follow, you can move forward with confidence.

How we help

At Storyflight, we take time to get to know your business and customers. We work with you to define your communication objectives and understand how they’ll help your business.

Our brand guides are succinct and tailored to your needs. They’re a personal handbook and how-to guide, with tips and tools to turn ideas into actions.

You’ll know exactly where to begin and how to grow value and trust. 

What you get

1. Kick-off consultation

We start by uncovering your business story, personality and customer needs. We also dig into the core values and purpose of your business.

2. Brand framework

Next, we go away and map out the essential elements to build your brand in a consistent, cohesive way. 

3. Brand handbook

Lastly, we create a customised brand handbook, including your:

  • business value proposition and elevator pitch

  • business communication objectives

  • key customer personas and problems

  • communication style and tone

  • key messages, and supporting facts and phrases

  • strengths and opportunities of your existing communication material

  • actions, priorities and timelines.

You’ll find yourself referring to this brand handbook, even copying and pasting from it, to quickly prepare captions, emails, blogs and articles.

If you’re ready to work on what’s important, why not talk to us about our shaping your brand?